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  • Not All Fun And Games

    Posted on by Rain Dog


    Rain has really been enjoying her freedom here on our friend’s property. We have been staying here for about three weeks. During that time, she has been able to hang out with her old buddy Blue, her new friend Lady (coming soon), and a couple of dogs that are being cared for by Dogs With Manners Rescue.  She also learned that not all cats are evil and that some can even be playmates. In fact a sweet, little orange and white tom cat named Mimi would come over to our camper and play with her daily.

    Mimi hasn’t come over to play in more than a week. No one has seen him. Two days after Mimi disappeared, Rain’s cat sister Hunter vanished.  We hear coyotes nightly out on this forty acre plot.  I assume that both of then are now scat.

    Hunter the slayer

    Hunter - The Slayer

    I had thought it was safe. Mimi had lived on the property for about four months without any problems. There is also another cat named Nutmeg who has been here for almost two months. Both were indoor/outdoor cats. We started letting Hunter and Cat out during the day. Hunter hated the first two days but then she started running out on her own in the mornings and coming back at night. She always stayed close to the camper.

    On Sept 29th 2011, Hunter didn’t come when called. We searched for her for a couple of hours but found no trace. She is gone.

    I never thought I would miss that evil cat so much. She was with me for nine years (and tried to sleep in my hair every night of them). I wanted to get rid of her after 5 months when I learned what it was like to have an inside cat. I never could though. The bond she had with me was incredible. She didn’t really like anyone else. As much as I wanted to get rid of her, I thought that it would be too much for her and as long as she was with me, I knew she would be taken care of. So with me she stayed.

    Hunter and her step-sister Cat

    Hunter and her step-sister Cat

    Even though she didn’t like other people or animals, she was a very adaptable and trusting cat. She was also very gutsy. A couple of nights before she disappeared, we were sitting around a campfire and she launched out of my lap and chased a dog that was  about ten feet away from me. While I admired her bravery in all things, I am sure it led to her demise.

    I sure do miss my chocolate covered sugar kitty.


  • Christmas Taffy

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    Rain’s first Christmas brought lots of fun.  She got to meet a good deal of her distant family (who are super playmates), get in the middle of snowball fights, and play with her cousin Taffy, a rescued Shih -Tzu. Oh the food, ham bones, and presents from her Grand Parents were pretty awesome, too.

    Rain and Taffy. Not quite pals, yet.

    Rain's ready for the ambush!

    Haha. Gotcha!

  • Oscar the Smiling Dog

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    "The Family" chilling with Oscar The Smiling Dog

    Rain was with her new family less than a week when she met her first Traveling Pal: Oscar The Smiling Dog. He and his companion, Pete,  have been on the road traveling around in a vessel they call The Wonder Egg since early 2008. They are always exploring interesting places and meeting new people. They maintain a travelogue over at http://peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com.

    Rain and Oscar had a great time playing. Oscar was very gentle with the month and a half old pup. It as a good first experience for her. Pete, a wonderful soul with a great outlook,  was there to see the caverns on the ranch that Rain was born on. I was a tour guide there at the time and enjoyed giving him an extra long personal tour. He wrote about the experience on this blog post. Many thanks to Pete for snapping this photo!


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