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Life At Tarantula Acres

We have been parked in the same place for over two months now. When we first got here, there was only Blue, Mimi, and that crazy Lady who visits us a couple times a day. Shortly after our arrival, a nice lady who loves dogs visited us. She runs a rescue and had picked up a couple of homeless kids on the way here.

Petey was a gorgeous Boxer boy with a TON of energy. You can see it in the video below (unfortunately he had to remain on a chain as there was another intact male nearby). He arrived covered in ticks. It was so gross. We spent the first hour of the rescuer’s visit de-ticking Petey. I am pretty sure his last owner was female. He seemed to want to be next to my side, against me, any time that he could. He was such a nice boy, but I can see how people might not be able to handle his size and energy. Thankfully, he did end up finding a home.

The nice lady also brought a basket full of black terror! They were akin to piranhas. Albeit cute, playful piranhas. Don’t let the video fool you. These three were all nose, teeth and fur! The nice rescue lady told me that they were bred to be bird dogs and came from great parents, but they were going to be destroyed because they were black instead of chocolate. She easily found homes for these three within a couple of days.

And then there was Red. I don’t really know too much about Red. He was also rescued by the nice lady on her way here. He was obviously an inside dog who received lots of attention. In fact, most of the rescue dogs that I  have gotten to know here were obviously the center of attention at one time. It really breaks my heart to see them cast aside. I couldn’t even imagine what life could be like for Rain if something were to happen to us. She has never been away from us for more than a couple of hours. After what I have experienced here with these dogs, I don’t even want to think about it. =( But I digress, the good news is that this darling little chihuahua was placed into a home where hopefully he is the a member of the family.

Red the ChihuahuaRed the ChihuahuaRed the Chihuahua


2 Responses to Life At Tarantula Acres

  1. Too many people just suck. And then their are people like your friend, Thank DOG!

    We can blame the economy, in part, for so many great dogs ending up homeless . Having been homeless, I can’t imagine NOT keeping my dog safe. My head knows there are valid reasons, but my heart does not compute.

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

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