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Just another Road Tails Network site

Miss Lady

As promised, here is a picture of Lady. No one can run like Lady. I swear she is part Greyhound or Whippet. She does get a lot of practice, though. She has an endless amount of wide open space with tons of bunnies to chase. She’s the only dog that Rain has met, so far, that can out run her.

3 Responses to Miss Lady

  1. Stumpy is glad that someone is giving Rain a run for her money! Only because she’s a little jealous! I see a money making opportunity at the RTR. We set up a race, with entry fees (except for Rain and Stumpy) and then people place bets…

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

    • Only two more months, Stumpy. I swear that Rain always gets in the truck so eagerly because she thinks that we might be on our way back to that cool place out in the desert with all the nice people and dogs.

      I do hope she behaves better this time! Last time she lived up to her nickname “The Reign of Terror!”. Maybe she will be as well mannered as Miss Stumpsters.

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