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Still Not Broken.

This post is mainly a reiteration of my previous ramblings about sterilizing Rain over on my blog, but months later.

Rain still hasn’t been spayed. Why, you ask? Because I don’t want to, so I am procrastinating. Say what you will. I have gone over medical documentation on the pros and cons. I personally do not see a huge health benefit to it. If we do it, we might get rid of some possible health risks, but we will introduce others. In fact, it would appear that, other than the chance of pyometra, she would have more long term benefits by staying intact. But really, I see it as mostly a wash when it comes to the physical health benefits. Now that she has reached maturity (1.5yrs), the risks are pretty even on both sides.

It is now an emotional decision. I am strongly against, emotionally, putting her (and just her) under the knife so that I can less stress in my life. On the other side of that coin, if we do not spay her, she spends 1/6 of her life on restriction…. which is hard on her.

I have never had an altered dog before. All of my dogs have been female, yet I have never had an unwanted litter. Impossible, you say? I think not. In fact, I think that it is very easy to prevent.

After writing this, one other topic came to mind. What if something happens to us and we are no longer there to take care of her? What if she is eight years old and ends up in a shelter? Do I want her to have to undergo alteration at that age? I think not. What if, after something happens to us, and she is wandering loose, in season, and happens upon a over zealous, intact male? That’s not something that I like to think about, but it is a possibility.

I guess that I will call for an appointment, today. Sigh :( It is going to be sooo hard on her. She is so very sensitive. She is also full of energy that needs to be burned daily.

Sorry if this post is mostly gibberish. I am a little emotional right now :(

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