Just another Road Tails Network site

Just another Road Tails Network site

Throw it! I’m Open! I’m Open!

After our bike ride yesterday, I was ready to take it a little easier today. Nothing tragic happened. I am just not acclimated to the elevation, and it makes climbing up the hills a bit tougher than I would like it. So, the alpha male, Rain and I took a nice, long walk.

Border Collie Mind Trick

Rain attempts the "Border Collie Mind Trick" Pick up the ball people!

Since we ere going walk slowly, we brought Rains new favorite obsession along, a Kong Air Dog Squeaker Football. When she hears or sees it, her bottom jaw starts quivering. She would give herself a stroke chasing it if we didn’t pace her. As you can see in the picture on the right she doesn’t think we throw it enough, so she is trying to use the “Border Collie Mind Trick” to get us to throw it.

rain dog waiting patiently

I love you and the ball, but mostly the ball.


Rain's Dust Cloud

Eat my dust!    *Yes that is a dust cloud.


The Chase

The Chase!


Rain returns; ball in mouth

Ya, I got it. Ya, I'm awesome! *SQUEAK*SQUEAK*


rain dog on a rock

I got up here like you wanted. Now, throw it already!


tired dog good dog

A tired dog is a good dog


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