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Loves The Birthdays

The day started out at about 5am with a breakfast that included a few bites of ham and eggs followed by a shorter than normal morning hike, because we wanted to get to the dog park while it was still cool. As we have discovered, hot dog park = empty dog park.

Rain and Finley playin at Thorpe Bark Park

Once we made it to town, our first stop was a pet store where Rain got her first “Real” disc. She had only had one prior to it. It was a soft one that, at 6″, was too big for her when she got it. She has since out grown it. I must say, she likes the new one better than the baby one. She also got a new plushie, which has already been de-stuffed less than 24hrs later. Rain wasn’t too sure about being in the store. She’s quite the country dog.  She was well behaved, but you could tell she was a bit nervous. Happy and excited, but nervous. Note to self: need to take her in more stores more often.


After that, we  spent a couple of hours at  Thorpe Dog Park in Flagstaff, AZ where Rain made a lot of friends. Most notably, Finley, the Vocal. He was an adorable little Highland Terrier with a big bark. She got along well with everyone and handled all the diversity with grace.

After that, we  laid about the house for an hour to recoup. We then walked around town and met a dog who had just turned one a few days earlier.  He and his people were traveling Historic Route 66. He and she had a blast playing. That was probably the time that Rain had an interaction with a dog in city limits and not in a dog park.  It was a good one.

We visited a few outfitter shops that gladly allowed Rain inside. One of those shops even had a pup about Rain’s size and activity level. They played and played. This city is really dog friendly. The people are, too!

The day was mostly over, and we were just about to head out to find a campsite when we passed a nice grassy park with lots of shade in the middle of town. We decided to stop. Johnny juggled while Rain and I played ball and chase followed by laying in the cool grass and people watching.  Next thing we know, a one year old chocolate dog named Lobo had his eye on Rain. He pulled his master over to us and the two of them played for over an hour. Too bad our camera as out of batteries by then.

Needless to say, by the time we found camp, Rain was exhausted. She passed out on the couch. Johnny made her a special chicken and rice birthday dinner. She gobbled it all up and wanted to play some more. That”s my girl ;).

A big day for sure! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes…. especially Cyndi and Stumpy who gave Rain an extra special one

2 Responses to Loves The Birthdays

  1. Cyndi and Stumpy says:

    Looks like Rain met her match in that little Westy! we’re sorry to have missed Hot Dogs at the park but glad Rain had fun!

    Stumpy thinks she and Rain need to tear it up together at the Pet Store!

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