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Just another Road Tails Network site

Just another Road Tails Network site

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  • Where To Next?

    Lets go somewhere fun!

    Lets go somewhere fun!

    Boy oh boy, does Rain love life on the road. While she really enjoyed her time at Tarantula Flats playing with Blue, she is most happy when we are on the move. She loves to explore new places and meet new people. You would think that she would want stability and a schedule. Not Rain. Inconsistency suits her well.

    Hiking at Indian Bread Rocks

    Almost to the top!

    Why? Because when we visit or camp in new places, she gets to go on long hikes in new places almost daily!


    Exploring the Indian Bread Rocks

    Exploring the Indian Bread Rocks

    She gets to climb all over rocks and stuff, poke her head into new holes, track and smell all kinds of new things. Who needs agility class?


    Indian Bread Rocks Waterfall

    Throw the stick into the waterfall!

    Sometimes, she gets to play in cool water features.


    Rain at Eldorado Dog Park

    Rain at Eldorado Dog Park

    Depending on our route, she might be able to visit multiple dog parks per week.


    Hiking at Indian Bread Rocks

    Hiking at Indian Bread Rocks

    Yep. Life on the road is goooood.

  • Life At Tarantula Acres

    We have been parked in the same place for over two months now. When we first got here, there was only Blue, Mimi, and that crazy Lady who visits us a couple times a day. Shortly after our arrival, a nice lady who loves dogs visited us. She runs a rescue and had picked up a couple of homeless kids on the way here.

    Petey was a gorgeous Boxer boy with a TON of energy. You can see it in the video below (unfortunately he had to remain on a chain as there was another intact male nearby). He arrived covered in ticks. It was so gross. We spent the first hour of the rescuer’s visit de-ticking Petey. I am pretty sure his last owner was female. He seemed to want to be next to my side, against me, any time that he could. He was such a nice boy, but I can see how people might not be able to handle his size and energy. Thankfully, he did end up finding a home.

    The nice lady also brought a basket full of black terror! They were akin to piranhas. Albeit cute, playful piranhas. Don’t let the video fool you. These three were all nose, teeth and fur! The nice rescue lady told me that they were bred to be bird dogs and came from great parents, but they were going to be destroyed because they were black instead of chocolate. She easily found homes for these three within a couple of days.

    And then there was Red. I don’t really know too much about Red. He was also rescued by the nice lady on her way here. He was obviously an inside dog who received lots of attention. In fact, most of the rescue dogs that I  have gotten to know here were obviously the center of attention at one time. It really breaks my heart to see them cast aside. I couldn’t even imagine what life could be like for Rain if something were to happen to us. She has never been away from us for more than a couple of hours. After what I have experienced here with these dogs, I don’t even want to think about it. =( But I digress, the good news is that this darling little chihuahua was placed into a home where hopefully he is the a member of the family.

    Red the ChihuahuaRed the ChihuahuaRed the Chihuahua


  • Miss Lady

    As promised, here is a picture of Lady. No one can run like Lady. I swear she is part Greyhound or Whippet. She does get a lot of practice, though. She has an endless amount of wide open space with tons of bunnies to chase. She’s the only dog that Rain has met, so far, that can out run her.

  • Not All Fun And Games

    Posted on by Rain Dog


    Rain has really been enjoying her freedom here on our friend’s property. We have been staying here for about three weeks. During that time, she has been able to hang out with her old buddy Blue, her new friend Lady (coming soon), and a couple of dogs that are being cared for by Dogs With Manners Rescue.  She also learned that not all cats are evil and that some can even be playmates. In fact a sweet, little orange and white tom cat named Mimi would come over to our camper and play with her daily.

    Mimi hasn’t come over to play in more than a week. No one has seen him. Two days after Mimi disappeared, Rain’s cat sister Hunter vanished.  We hear coyotes nightly out on this forty acre plot.  I assume that both of then are now scat.

    Hunter the slayer

    Hunter - The Slayer

    I had thought it was safe. Mimi had lived on the property for about four months without any problems. There is also another cat named Nutmeg who has been here for almost two months. Both were indoor/outdoor cats. We started letting Hunter and Cat out during the day. Hunter hated the first two days but then she started running out on her own in the mornings and coming back at night. She always stayed close to the camper.

    On Sept 29th 2011, Hunter didn’t come when called. We searched for her for a couple of hours but found no trace. She is gone.

    I never thought I would miss that evil cat so much. She was with me for nine years (and tried to sleep in my hair every night of them). I wanted to get rid of her after 5 months when I learned what it was like to have an inside cat. I never could though. The bond she had with me was incredible. She didn’t really like anyone else. As much as I wanted to get rid of her, I thought that it would be too much for her and as long as she was with me, I knew she would be taken care of. So with me she stayed.

    Hunter and her step-sister Cat

    Hunter and her step-sister Cat

    Even though she didn’t like other people or animals, she was a very adaptable and trusting cat. She was also very gutsy. A couple of nights before she disappeared, we were sitting around a campfire and she launched out of my lap and chased a dog that was  about ten feet away from me. While I admired her bravery in all things, I am sure it led to her demise.

    I sure do miss my chocolate covered sugar kitty.


  • The Life Of Riley

    Posted on by Rain Dog



    Meet Riley. He’s a 12 year old Smooth (short) Coat Border Collie who is being cared for by Dogs With Manners Rescue. He is visiting the “Tarantula Farm” in Southeastern  Colorado where we have been staying for the last three weeks. He looks a lot like Rain’s dad Slick except he is 10-20 pounds lighter.


    Riley loves playing fetch.

    Riley loves playing fetch.






    Riley is serious about balls. If there is a ball around, he is focused on it. If there isn’t a ball around, he will find something for you to throw for him. He lives for fetch and Rain loves to run with him as he chases the ball. Even though she knows she can get the ball before he does, she wouldn’t dream of it.





    Rain has really taken to Riley. Even though she is a free range dog out here on the farm, she normally stays within a about 50 feet of the camper. Ever since Riley got here, she has been going over to his pad and hanging out. I totally missed it, but I was told that they were snuggled up together under a tree two days ago.

    They are a lot alike, and I think Rain knows it. Right now, her favorite place to be is about a foot away and behind him. Not only do they look alike, but they have a lot of the same mannerisms. It is almost like fast forwarding and seeing what Rain might be like 11 years from now.

    A little R and R. A little R and R.  Some more R and R.

    Rain and Riley

    Rain and Riley













    Rain and Riley waiting for a ball

    Rain and Riley waiting for a ball

    Riley's Profile

    Riley's Profile

  • The Date Has Been Set

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    Embarrassing Stuff

    Rain will be going under the knife in one week. After talking with six different vet offices, an appointment was made. The veterinarian is located near a dog park, so Rain will be getting a ton of exercise and stimulation the day before surgery, we hope. The staff was is nice enough to let us in their parking lot for the night before surgery. I am not sure how we are going to keep a dog that does good with one, rare day of inactivity but gets pretty restless with anything more than that, entertained.

    There appears to be a great, little free campsite about three miles out of town that has a three day limit. We will stay there during the days following surgery. We want to be close in case something goes wrong.

    Wish us luck!

  • Still Not Broken.

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    This post is mainly a reiteration of my previous ramblings about sterilizing Rain over on my blog, but months later.

    Rain still hasn’t been spayed. Why, you ask? Because I don’t want to, so I am procrastinating. Say what you will. I have gone over medical documentation on the pros and cons. I personally do not see a huge health benefit to it. If we do it, we might get rid of some possible health risks, but we will introduce others. In fact, it would appear that, other than the chance of pyometra, she would have more long term benefits by staying intact. But really, I see it as mostly a wash when it comes to the physical health benefits. Now that she has reached maturity (1.5yrs), the risks are pretty even on both sides.

    It is now an emotional decision. I am strongly against, emotionally, putting her (and just her) under the knife so that I can less stress in my life. On the other side of that coin, if we do not spay her, she spends 1/6 of her life on restriction…. which is hard on her.

    I have never had an altered dog before. All of my dogs have been female, yet I have never had an unwanted litter. Impossible, you say? I think not. In fact, I think that it is very easy to prevent.

    After writing this, one other topic came to mind. What if something happens to us and we are no longer there to take care of her? What if she is eight years old and ends up in a shelter? Do I want her to have to undergo alteration at that age? I think not. What if, after something happens to us, and she is wandering loose, in season, and happens upon a over zealous, intact male? That’s not something that I like to think about, but it is a possibility.

    I guess that I will call for an appointment, today. Sigh :( It is going to be sooo hard on her. She is so very sensitive. She is also full of energy that needs to be burned daily.

    Sorry if this post is mostly gibberish. I am a little emotional right now :(

  • Throw it! I’m Open! I’m Open!

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    After our bike ride yesterday, I was ready to take it a little easier today. Nothing tragic happened. I am just not acclimated to the elevation, and it makes climbing up the hills a bit tougher than I would like it. So, the alpha male, Rain and I took a nice, long walk.

    Border Collie Mind Trick

    Rain attempts the "Border Collie Mind Trick" Pick up the ball people!

    Since we ere going walk slowly, we brought Rains new favorite obsession along, a Kong Air Dog Squeaker Football. When she hears or sees it, her bottom jaw starts quivering. She would give herself a stroke chasing it if we didn’t pace her. As you can see in the picture on the right she doesn’t think we throw it enough, so she is trying to use the “Border Collie Mind Trick” to get us to throw it.

    rain dog waiting patiently

    I love you and the ball, but mostly the ball.


    Rain's Dust Cloud

    Eat my dust!    *Yes that is a dust cloud.


    The Chase

    The Chase!


    Rain returns; ball in mouth

    Ya, I got it. Ya, I'm awesome! *SQUEAK*SQUEAK*


    rain dog on a rock

    I got up here like you wanted. Now, throw it already!


    tired dog good dog

    A tired dog is a good dog


  • Egag!

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    Enjoying a present from Grandma.

    We sure got worried about Rain, today. All of the sudden she started trying to eat every plant in sight. Then, she would extend her neck and make a swallowing motion multiple times while extending her tongue a little.. She would move away from us as we got near and wasn’t listening to commands. She never does that anymore. After about a minute, seemed like forever, I was able to sit next to her and talk her out of eating plants. By then, she was making that swallowing gesture every 15 or so seconds. I told my partner, The Male Alpha, that we had to get to the vet ASAP. Poor Rain seemed so distressed.

    After a minute or two of sitting with her, I was able to coax her back to the house with play. Once we got to the back door, she panicked and ran off about 8′. It took two commands, but I was able to get her to stay. Once I got up to her, she listened to the “inside” command.

    Once inside, I made her lay down by the door where there was a breeze. Her swallowing had already slowed down a lot. We decided to give it a half hour and see if it got better. There were a lot of bees outside, and we thought she might have gotten stung while eating one. I gave her a 1/2 cup of milk to coat her throat. I know dogs can’t handle lactose. I thought that, if she was going to vomit, it would help. After the milk and a 1/2 cup of chicken broth, she had almost completely stopped gagging.

    It has been about 5 hours since she last made the exaggerated swallow. We are so relieved. Damned dog. Scaring us like that. Bah.. I am sure it was even scarier for her.

    I guess I will chalk it up to yet another trust building moment.

  • Super Nova

    Posted on by Rain Dog

    Nova, Kate (Nova's Mom), and Rain



    Rain celebrated her first ever New Years with her very distant cousin Nova in South Carolina. Nova is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier cross. She is also the sweetest momma dog ever.



    Rain loves Nova






    Nova showed Rain that South Cackalacky hospitality that you always hear about. She was the first dog Rain ever met that was instantly friendly and ready to play nicely with a rambunctious pup AKA a mouth full of milk teeth. Rain really appreciated it.


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